Bułgarska 59



On Bulgarska 59 street in Poznan a modern housing estate is being built. This is a new offer on the real estate market in Poznan. In the first stage of the investment, two buildings will be built directly at Bulgarska Street. Building A with a height of 48.88m consisting of 16 storeys and B1 building with a height of 48.67m, which consists of a part of 6 storeys and a high part of 16 storeys. In the buildings, on the level of the ground floor are located commercial and service functions and above designed 180 apartments.

The glazed service ground floor is available mainly from the Bulgarska street, while access to the storeys is provided directly from the underground garage and from the courtyard side through the representative entrance halls.

Inside, the estate is designed courtyard with pleasant greenery and playground for children. The entire complex will be characterized by high, protected and access control. All public spaces around buildings were planted with potted plants, lawns, trees and shrubs, pavements from the cubicle, ramparts and stairs from prefabricated concrete resin finishes, and benches, trash baskets, swings, and interior courtyard lighting.



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