Completed investments


I stage (16 apartments) of Harmonium has been completed on the 27th July 2011. Harmonium is an estate of family houses surrounded by lush greenery, which is located in Konstancin-Jeziorna in 167 Warszawska st. in the immediate vicinity of the American School of Warsaw and close to the Botanical Gardens.


Due to cladding materials and colour used in the construction of the Justin Center building it refers to both objects surrounding Plac Dominikański – Galeria Dominikańska and Św. Wojciech’s church. Therefore Justin complex creates a coherent harmonious urban relationship with its suroundings. Passage through hotel’s hall on the side of Oławska street refers to former string of Zaułek Winogronowy and Zaułek Niski streets.


WIŚLANE OGRODY – Complex of luxury apartment buildings in Warsaw, located in close proximity to the greenspaces of Mierzeja Wiślana and Kępa Potocka. Easy access to Lasek Bielański encourages residents to active leisure time.