Justin Center



JUSTIN CENTER: Due to cladding materials and colour used in the construction of the Justin Center building it refers to both objects surrounding Plac Dominikański – Galeria Dominikańska and Św. Wojciech’s church. Therefore Justin complex creates a coherent harmonious urban relationship with its suroundings. Passage through hotel’s hall on the side of Oławska street refers to former string of Zaułek Winogronowy and Zaułek Niski streets.

Partially opened view to internal passageways on the second floor gives Justin building a sense of lightness and openness. Outside it has a red and black granite stone finish. On the side of the passageway and Krawiecka street it presents sand-yellow finish. Internal passageway is diversified by warm red granite balconies and stale footbridges. Great location, original construction and a very high finishing stadard give Justin Center a  distinctive character. Justin Centre is a high class hotel and residential complex totalling around 25.000 m2 of usable space. It is both a prestigious commercial and cosy residential complex.

Modern remarkable architecture combined with fabulous footbridges, hanging over an intimate court give the living area unique atmosphere. Moreover, innovative technological and communication solutions as well as being in the heart of a vibrant city give Justin Centre’s residents comfort and convenience. The necessary infrastructure in the commercial area, including restaurants, financial institutions and beauty salons is at hand and gives a vast variety of ways to spend free time. Spacious, functional office area and high finishing standard create an ideal place for business. Justin Center provides the opportunity of renting suitable premises as well as choosing already arranged or in shell condition premises.