Our current offer


On Bulgarska 59 street in Poznan a modern housing estate is being built. This is a new offer on the real estate market in Poznan. In the first stage of the investment, two buildings will be built directly at Bulgarska Street. Building A with a height of 48.88m consisting of 16 storeys and B1 building with a height of 48.67m, which consists of a part of 6 storeys and a high part of 16 storeys. In the buildings, on the level of the ground floor are located commercial and service functions and above designed 180 apartments.


Harmonium is an estate of family houses surrounded by lush greenery, which is located in Konstancin-Jeziorna in 167 Warszawska st. in the immediate vicinity of the American School of Warsaw and close to the Botanical Gardens. Easy and quick access from Warsaw to the estate is provided via the recently opened dual carriageway connecting Wilanów and Konstancin.